Friday, July 23, 2010

The weekend is here- no dates lined up

No dates lined up this weekend, but that's ok. There is really no one datable on the charts today!
Here is a brief summary of the men who are talking to me:

White Sock Guy : His profile says that he hates white socks. Being a curious (nosy) girl, I write to him and ask him why. He writes me back, while I sit waiting for some crazy sock story, only to hear that "You seem really nice, but I am not interested in you. So, thanks for your message, but unless you want to F**K, then no." Um, hello, asshole, but didn't I just ask you about socks?
The sister-hater is all over me, trying to get me to go on a date with him. One word: NO. His idea of a date is "let me smoke you out, take you for food and beverage and dance all night with you". If the only thing we have in common is a shared interest in recreational drugs (and I suspect yours is more than just pot) then it's not going to work. And oh ya, you hate your sister and felt the need to put that in your dating profile, and not in your search for a new family.

Steve, the phone date gone wrong, emailed me yesterday and it seemed like everything was ok. Maybe he was just shy on the phone? I'm thinking about giving him another chance. Because right now, my only other option is guys who can't spell, and write "shew" instead of "chew". Yes, people, his favorite past time is chewing gum. Lucky me.

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  1. Is it pot flavoured gum?

    Still, if he learns to talk he might be worth a shot?