Thursday, July 22, 2010

So I try again!

Not wanting to give up on anything, I hit the dating site running. I answer all the questions it asks me to, promising a perfect match for me!

My perfect match DOES NOT INCLUDE anyone who:
is old enough to be my dad
tells me now that they have seen my pictures, they can die a happy man
has a profile that reads like a hit list of the people he hates in his life (mostly his ex girlfriend and his sister. Now known as the sister-hater)

I don't think I am being very picky. I'm open to almost anyone. As long as they know how to string a sentence together, don't live with mom and dad, and have a job. Fair enough?

I see a profile of a cute guy and decide to read all the things he has written.We'll call him Steve. He likes to go out with his friends, have drinks, have fun, and he hate onions! Perfect. I decide to be ballsy and send him an IM. He replies right away and we start to chat. He mentions he really likes my profile too, because almost every girl on the site mentions her favorite thing as "long walks on the beach". We don't live in a city that has a beach, so that could be a problem. He says I am the first real person he has talked to in a long time. Refreshing. I give him my phone number and he says he'll call! I have nothing to lose, right? I don't want to be the type of person who can chat all day long on the computer but is too shy to talk to someone!

I get home from work and am looking forward to our "phone date".
Steve calls, and the entire conversation involves me struggling to keep a conversation going, while he chats with other people on the computer. WTF?? Why did you call me if you have no interest in talking to me? So I spend about 20 minutes or so on the phone and quickly let him go. No word from him afterward.

Is it me? Am I the problem? Or just part of it?


  1. Maybe he needs a college course in social interaction outside of Second Life?

  2. Its definitely not you! If he cant even pay attention in your conversation and has a "short attention span" you dont need that!
    Keep on truckin' (did i just say that?)
    loving the blog, helps me stay connected with you and how youre doing xxxx