Thursday, July 22, 2010

Is it all downhill from here?

So, I recently joined an online dating site. I'm 29 years old, and I've been single, by choice, for 3 years now. I figured it was about time to get back out there and show the world (or the men in it) what I've got.

Not having a clue as to how to find a guy to date, I went the route that I'm pretty sure a lot of people go: online dating. I spent a lot of time working on my profile, asking friends to help me answer questions about myself. I decided to be honest about everything; how much I smoke (cigarettes and pot) , drink, my interests, my obsession with Christmas, etc. What is the point of lying when you're looking for a relationship?

I joined a site on Tuesday, and by Wednesday, my inbox was flooded with messages. Great, I thought!! Upon reading them, however, most turned out to be messages like: "I like your boobs". I did have one message from a guy we'll call Jack. He mentioned his favorite Christmas movie to me, and we hit it off. We IM'ed each other the entire afternoon, and by the time work was done, I had taken his phone number and promised to call him later that night.

Promising, right?

We chatted for hours, and again the next night! We had a lot in common, from our love of beer to our love of Family Matters (whatever happened to Judy on that show? She just disappeared!!) I told him what I was looking for in life, which simply is a relationship that evolves into something serious. We agreed to meet on Saturday night, grab a quick bite to eat and have some drinks. We would then meet up with my friends later in the night. Everything was amazing- we laughed, we talked, we kissed. We kissed quite a bit. My friends loved him, he loved my friends! We parted with a "See you this week!"

And then reality came crashing down when he Skyped me at work. He wasn't interested in a relationship, but he really liked me. Was it possible to date me, and still date other people? Um, no. What the fuck? Now, I know some of you are thinking this is perfectly ok. But it's not. Jack went into this knowing what I was looking for. Basically, he wants to date(have sex with) me, while doing the same thing with everyone else. Sorry, Jacko, I ain't that kinda girl. I'm a one person to another kinda girl.

Onto the next one!


  1. Lame...

    Thanks for starting a blog, Titi! It gives me something to do and I can keep updated on your life.. not that we can't do that over drinks. Hahah

    Jack sucks!

  2. Hey, love the blog :) It is great for woman who are new to the online dating world. I guess it is the thing to do now. I am starting but haven't gotten the courage to actually physically meet someone. Too bad it didn't work out with this guy but you will find your match :)

  3. Great blog Theresa!
    I added you to the blogroll on mine :-)

  4. Great blog babe! Jacko is a no-go, what a douche!
    love you xxxx

  5. Theresa! You're a princess! Don't settle for anything less than a prince! There are a lot of frogs out there! :)

  6. Mom- was this you: Theresa! You're a princess! Don't settle for anything less than a prince! There are a lot of frogs out there! :)

    Hahaha, thanks everyone! Keep on reading!