Monday, July 26, 2010

Monday morning- a look back at the weekend!

The weekend has come and gone, sadly. But it wasn't without merit-here is a sampling of the messages I got!

The Threesome: I got asked to join a threesome. Yes, I did. I got a message from a couple saying they loved the way I looked and would I like to join them in bed. I didn't have to think about it for long (my answer is no) but I did take the time to think that: 1- I would be going into that in the optimal position- the stranger. And 2- I guess it's nice to be asked? I don't know- it's weird, but I was oddly flattered!

I was also bombarded with messages about my anatomy, which I know sorta comes with the course. Delete!

I don't get why some of these guys don't have a picture on their profile. Let's me get real here, people...looks are important! You should have to post your picture on an online dating site- not some cartoon or shadow figure of what could be any man on the planet. Man up, put your picture there, then message me. I have more than one photo of myself, and they are true, honest pics!

I did hear from Steve, the bad phone date, on Sunday night. He wrote to me on the site we met on, asking if I had a nice weekend. And then this morning, he texted me. He said he remembered that I was on vacation this week, and that my pc is busted, so maybe I wouldn't get his online messages. Ok, I admit, I was a bit flattered with that too. It's nice when people remember things you tell them! I decided that I am for sure giving him another shot. We're going out for dinner on Wednesday. Hopefully, he can direct all his focus towards me this time. We'll see how it goes!


  1. I Love your blogs missy! keep on writing, even thou i hear about this when we are together!
    Je taime lover! xox♥

  2. this is awesome!!!!!!! I love it I feel like everyone should read this so men out there really know what we arethinking when they do the things they do or say the things they say!
    Love J Job :)

  3. Love reading these sweetie! You're doing a great job. xoxox

  4. It's so nice to read honest comments. It is so rare to meet people who can be completely honest with u from the start so good for you!!!!