Tuesday, August 3, 2010


First things first- a big shout out to my friend DJ- an old friend who is going down the same dating road as me. Dude- don't ruin my blog for me! :)

Of course, another interesting day of strange and hopeful messages. I've head things like "I like your cheeks", to "you are sent from Heaven". How lovely? 

I knew I would be called fat somewhere along the way- today was the day. Please read this copy/paste of an IM I got minutes ago:
[3:36:37 pm] Jerk :would you like to come over tonight
[3:37:24 pm] Jerk:ANSWER THE QUESTION fatsp
[3:37:26 pm]Jerk: fatso
[3:37:35 pm]Jerk: answer the question FATSO
[3:38:00 pm]Jerk: u fat pig
[3:38:02 pm]Jerk: come over
[3:40:39 pm] ME: what the fuck is your problem
[3:40:55 pm]Jerk: jsut trying to get your attention
[3:41:00 pm]Jerk: its the only way these days
Well, that was encouraging.

For those of you that actually know me well, I do like children. While I may not plan to have any of my own, that does not mean I don't like your kids.
I met HeHasADaughter yesterday morning online. His profile mentioned he has a daughter who is the love of his life. So it's not like I was confused on that point. But I thought he was cute, so I wrote to him. We chatted during the day, and began texting when I left work. A phone call had me up until 4am. He seems sweet, and nice. But.......he's got a kid!! She's 10. Of course, one phone call doesn't mean I'm going to be a step-mom :) But I do like to think ahead and remember the reason I am trying this online dating in the first place: to find the right man for me.
Is it possible that the right man already had a child with the wrong woman? Would I be able to handle a relationship like that?
Truth is, I really don't know the answer.I'm still not sure if I should give him another call and set up a date. I hope I wouldn't be setting myself, or anyone else up, for disappointment.


  1. Ok there Shallow Hal!! I would love to meet that "jerk" guy in a dark alley somewhere crobar in hand and teach him some manners! It would also make my day to cut off his fingers and give him a lobotomy! Those kind of men should be experimented on to see what the hell is wrong with them! I bet he likes superman too!
    love J Job

  2. I want to punch him!

    Ten is kind of a fun age... when they aren't talking ;) juuuuussst kidding. Have a date! :)

  3. Jerk is too nice of a word to use for this guy!!!
    I have a daughter too, they are awesome - if another woman were to come into her life, she would have to be very kind and gentle and understand that there is a delicate relationship between the original parents as well. I have a lot to say on this subject and no time to write it! TTYL